About Barter-Asia

Living, Loving & Breathing Barter!

Barter Asia, a Singapore-based barter exchange community, is committed to providing profitable business-to-business barter connections to help businesses grow their profits and save cash.

We believe the cashless barter economy is not only a powerful 21st century business tool successful businesses leverage on to maximise profits and save cash but is also the wave that will keep businesses afloat during times of economic recession and downturn.

Better businesses barter to convert excess or slow-moving inventory, downtime or vacant seats into extra sales. Being part of Barter Asia’s vibrant and growing barter community opens doors for forming strategic business partnerships which lead to profitable sales growth and advantageous lifestyle improvement.

Why Barter? A Barter Dollar (BD$) spent is a Cash Dollar saved!

The goal of every business is to balance profit margins whilst growing the business. Barter Asia Pte Ltd can help your business achieve these successfully! Imagine being part of a connected network of businesses in which you can barter what you have with that which you need – a proven way of increasing sales/revenue, growing the business and most importantly, enjoying better cash flow and cash savings.

There is really no need to imagine; simply because the reality is - better businesses barter! Join Barter Asia and immediately realise the powerful potential of modern barter. Our singular focus is to help businesses grow their profit margins by enjoying increased sales/revenue and saving hard-earned cash via barter.

Modern barter is all about profitably converting excess inventory or downtime into alternative currency – barter dollars (BD$1=SGD$1). This valuable alternative currency, which you earn when you make a sale of your excess products/services in our member-based barter exchange community (Barter Asia), can be used to purchase what you need from members in our barter exchange community instead of spending cash. In short, barter increases your business budget by increasing your spending ability.

Make this opportune choice TODAY and jump onboard. Let Barter Asia show you how your business can benefit by leveraging the power of our barter exchange!

Barter Strategies

Build A Barter Network Against Recessions & Economic Downturns

Don't wait till a crash or for calamities to happen before deciding to start bartering. By building a strong network of barter partners and clients, you will be well-poised to weather uncertain times when they hit while your competitors will be stuck with inventory, lacking in cash paying customers and struggling to operate their businesses.

Generate New Sales / Revenue Streams

Every business needs new clients, customers and revebue streams to grow. In a competitive marketplace, leveraging a barter strategy can bring you a new vertical of fresh customers and clients whether your business is in B-2-B, B-2-C or even B-B-C. Barter Asia is eager to share how you can do this!

Unlock Hidden Profits - Tap Into Excess Inventories, Stock & Time Slots​

Every business has excess stock, services and unconsumed time. Barter allows you to sell these assets and inventory for Barter Dollars which you then use to defray business costs, run advertising campaigns and ultimately, grow your business in a way your competitors will be unable to!

Don't let your assets expire. Speak with us so we can show you how you can convert your excess capacity to cost savings and even acquisition of new customers/clients.

Acquire New Cash-Paying Customers / Clients

By developing a Barter Strategy, you will be able to use your earned Barter Dollars to reach more cash paying customers and clients through marketing, branding and a deeper outreach your competitors cannot match without spending their precious cash.

Save Cash - Reduce Business Costs

Business costs are unavoidable. However, by leveraging a Barter Strategy, you can significantly reduce some of your costs by purchasing with earned Barter Dollars to improve your bottom line.
Buying in bulk to cater to cash and barter customer-sales improves your buying power due to a higher sales order being demanded. This translates to better margins and trade dollar earnings from barter sales. Let Barter Asia share with you how you can do this. Let Barter Asia amaze you by showing you how.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Using barter, you can implement powerful Corporate Service Responsibility projects at a level you are comfortable with. In short, you can do much more to give back either by donating Barter Dollars to good causes or by paying for services your beneficiaries will greatly appreciate. Let Barter Asia share exactly how you can start paying if forward through barter.

Reward, Incentivize & Retain Staff

Every SME or Startup is concerned about retaining good staff and keeping them happy. With a Barter Strategy, you can put together a wonderful bundle of delights to keep your staff loyal for a fraction the cost of giving them other benefits and perks. Let Barter Asia work with you to come up with an incentives package your employees cannot refuse. Not doing so could be very costly.

Form Strategic Business Partnerships

By joining Barter Asia, you will find yourself in a community of forward-thinking businesses of every kind. You can form new business partnerships and leverage off each other to improve your brand and market position using a barter strategy. Barter Asia would love to share more about this with you.

Gain A Distinct Edge Over your Competitors

It's really simple. If your competitors are not bartering, they will be at a disadvantage against you in every aspect of business. The will be spending more cash, losing customers, advertising less and not tapping into their fullest business capacity.

Improve Customer / Client Perks & Rewards

Your valued clients and customers deserve to be delighted and pampered. With a barter strategy, you can utilize your Barter Dollars to add value to your relationships with your various clients. Ask Barter Asia how!